The city of agadir

Sweet, heavenly, city of water and desert. This is the city of Agadir, the city where I come from.
I am not from Agadir itself, because I have always lived in France. However my ancestors come from this city and its horizons. I have the opportunity to go there several times a year and to rejuvenate myself there, either materially or emotionally.

Moroccans call me by this very ugly nickname “Zmegrya”, meaning a girl who comes from Europe, who knows nothing about Morocco, who has never lived there, who knows Morocco only on vacation when people are beautiful and kind …
What they don’t know is that I know it much more than they do, that I am very attached to Morocco and that Berber culture is for me a real elixir of beauty.

What kind of city is it?

Agadir means “reserves”; in fact, the agadirs are granaries that in the old days allowed products to be stored. It is a city that protects its land and its products.
Its citrus fruits, its vegetables ripened under the Souss sun, have also made it famous.
Agadir and its region are full of natural and “organic” products: prickly pear, saffron, rose, honey, argan tree, henna, dates …
Although Agadir can be seen as a luxury city (luxury hotel, riad, golf course, spa …), it is not this side that interests me, but rather its endless souks, its landscapes and its sumptuous nature.

The souk el Had is part of my favorite place: it is a huge souk in competition with the souk d’inezgane (which I like as much), which means “Sunday market” it is open from Tuesday to Sunday. It is a very large souq organized like a grid, there is everything: decoration, fruits, legumes, carpets, souvenirs, spices … You should not be afraid of getting lost.

When I go there I am in another world, between all these smells of spices mixed with that of the traveling tea market. The colors of exotic fruits with endless clothes, but what I like the most is going to the places where there are women’s coop producing amlou, argan oil, rose water, …
Reassure you, I rarely go there alone, because despite everything it is a souk generally full of people, and you never know who you might come across (robber, excessive flirtatious, false beggar, vendors who offer special prices for tourists … )
I go with Berber women who use this kind of product on a daily basis, for them the souk is a real Ali Baba cave where it is located (vegetables, organic fruits, 100% natural beauty and care products, bookstore, etc.). They know everything about the souk, which sellers should be avoided (those who offer lower quality products and those who increase the prices without limits), the interesting products, the remote stalls of the souk, …

Shopping for groceries can seem like a real chore, but at Souq el had I’m in heaven.

In short, I think you will have understood it : Agadir is a magnificent city, a very beautiful destination.

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