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The Alum Stone

The Alum stone is a stone that I particularly like, although it’s not an essential in the beauty rituals of Berber women, it still has exceptional properties that it would be too bad to deprive of it. Indeed, it has great virtues such as that of tightening the pores or relieving the joints. How do berber women use it ?


In a saucepan, put water and boil, add the alum stone. When the water is no longer hot put your feet in it, your joints will be relieved.

Fatten the animals

Break the alum stone until it becomes powder, then feed it to cattle, sheep and goats.


Berber women moisten the alum stone with cold water and apply it to the areas to be treated.


It is its best-known virtue, or the most publicized, alum stone perfectly replaces industrial deodorant which, after much scientific research, is found to be carcinogenic. It leaves a thin transparent film that creates a barrier to bad odors and the development of bacteria.

Hair removal

Melt the alum stone in a pot of boiling water and mix everything with your natural wax (sugar, lemon juice, water and honey) to reduce redness due to hair removal.


Massage your burn or sunburn with an ice-cold alum stone (previously put in the freezer).

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